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Each year the Gorge Winds Concert Band performs about a dozen concerts, reaching communities throughout the Mid-Columbia Gorge. The concert series include a number of indoor and outdoor concerts for a variety of festivals, events, and special occasions. Annually, the band performs a Christmas Concert held at the Calvary Baptist Church in The Dalles and a Fourth of July concert held in different communities of the Mid-Columbia Gorge each year. The Band performs a wide variety of music, including symphonic band arrangements, marches, classical works, musical theatre, and original compositions.

The origin of the Band is said to have started in the 1940's. Very little information is known about how the band came together and only stayed together for a couple of years. In the 1970's another attempt was made for local musicians to combine their talents to form the band. Again, little is known on why the band dispersed. Most recently, in January 2000, Sam Grotte and Greg Weast sent out the "call" to Mid-Columbia musicians to form what is now the Gorge Winds Concert Band. Under Sam and Greg's dedication and hard work, the band has grown from 20 to 50 members. Each of the leaders and musicians contribute to a fun, inclusive group, enthusiastic about weekly practices in The Dalles and a busy concert schedule.

All members of the Gorge Winds Concert Band are enormously dedicated, love the art of music, and welcome the opportunity to share their talents, develop their abilities, and socialize with other musicians. The Band is comprised of musicians from all walks of life who hail from Oregon and Washington Columbia River communities from Troutdale to Goldendale to Condon, even as far as Zillah, Washington. From high school student to college professor, professional to retiree, the band's musicians play for the love of the music. Visit our Members page to meet the musicians and see the diverse backgrounds from whence they came.

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